How you can keep your social media accounts safe and secured

Digital trends have paved the way for the fourth industrial revolution. No wonder that in today’s time, internet and social media platforms have added unmatched convenience in the lives of human beings. It is no more impossible to establish global connections while enjoying the comfort of your room. There are plenty of social media platforms out there that let you chat with new friends. The platform named WebSmyle has been attracting a lot of attention lately due to its user-friendly service features. Unfortunately, this technological trend is not without challenges. With the menace of cyber threats looming large these days, it is the responsibility of the online platforms to lend their customers with necessary security features. Since, self-protection is the best policy to adopt, read some important tricks to keep your social media accounts safe below.

How you can keep your social media accounts safe and secured
How you can keep your social media accounts safe and secured

1. Create a strong password- This is the easiest and commonest way to protect your social media account. You should set a complicated password so that it cannot be decoded easily. Several tech-experts have unanimously opined that weaker passwords affect online privacy adversely. A combination of alphabets, symbols, upper case, and lower case will give your intruders no chance to barge into your account.

2. Different passwords for different accounts- Social networking sites like WebSmyle let you create accounts on their platforms against no fee payment. This offer might entice you into creating free of cost profiles on various social media sites. Of course, there is no issue in making different profiles to chat online with friends; however, be smart to set different passwords for different accounts. By setting the same password for every account, you are making your online profiles susceptible to cyber threats.

3. Avoid clicking on suspicious links- If you ever spot suspicious links in the mailbox or news feed of your social media account, ignore them. Online miscreants often spread links to make headway into your account. Though, inadvertently, but by clicking on those links you invite the security trouble. On another note, you can check out WebSmyle, which facilitates online bill payment. The platform adheres to necessary security features to keep your confidential details safe.

4. Be picky in selecting friendship request- Needless to say that you are at WebSmyle to find new friends online. Nevertheless, be selective when it comes to accepting friend requests. Should you suspect an account to be fake, be quick to block it. This is because the fake accounts are created and handled by fraudsters mostly to wreak havoc on your social media accounts.

5. Utilize the incognito mode- When you are accessing your social networking profile from a shared or public system, switch on to the browser’s incognito mode. By using this mode, your browsing history and data will be temporarily saved and permanently protected from any kind of illegitimate tracking online.

Conclusion- Social networking sites are the best place to make and chat with a friend online. However, by following the tricks shared in this article, you will be saved from falling prey to any online fraudulent activities. Moreover, you should opt for social sites like WebSmyle that offer secured services to their users.

Use Social Media In A Better Way For Maximised Benefits

The new generations have come to a stage where social media has become one of the major parts of our lives. We rely on social media sites for a lot of purposes that range from serious work to entertainment. People have different requirements and we all use social media for certain purposes.

As said earlier, social networking sites may be used in different ways and there is no end to it. One can use social media to meet friends online, chat with people from different parts of the world, promote a brand or anything, and other purposes. As social media platforms are extremely wide and full of possibilities, more people tend to spend a substantial amount of time daily.

Use Social Media In A Better Way For Maximised Benefits
Use Social Media In A Better Way For Maximised Benefits

In order to get the best results by using social media platforms, one needs to follow certain ways while using social media websites. Let us take a look at how you can increase your productivity while using social media:

Reality is not what you see every time – A lot of the times you would see and go through some posts and pictures in the social media websites that are not necessarily real. You have to grow a sense of distinction between real and false. What you require to do is eliminate the false stuff from your life. Otherwise, the virtual world might affect you badly. You might plan to use social media for various purposes like chatting online for free, meeting new people, etc. Social media is great and you can derive a number of benefits from the platforms but believing all those things that are not necessarily true can sometimes be harmful to you.

Do not rush into things – One of the common traits noticed among social media users is lack of patience. Many people want to share and make the most out of their profiles overnight. But things do not work like that. Keep in mind that the world is not going to end soon and you need to keep your activities under control as the social media works at a slow pace. Whatever your objective is, you need to hold patience as rushing into things will only drain your motivation and energy without bringing any result.

Staying away from negativity and pursuing your objective is the best policy — A lot of the times, we use social media and unknowingly compare ourselves with others while we find new friends online. Those people could be anyone, someone we know, someone unknown (you just met online) a rival, or anyone else. The basic thing that we see on social media is that people post random things that portray all the good aspect of them. For example, someone is going for a vacation, someone is buying a car, someone is fulfilling all the dreams, and that is when we start getting depressed. The real deal is nobody posts the reality on social media. Everybody shares just a part of their lives.

Conclusion — People’s lives have changed considerably after they have started using social media. We all have different requirements and we use social media platforms to full those requirements. Though there is no hard and fast rule of using social media if you want to maximize your productivity and fulfill your objective while using social media, you might find the above-mentioned tips useful.

WebSmyle: The Nu-Age Platform For Socializing

In today’s world the easiest way to stay connected with people. living far away is through the internet. Gone are those days when one had to write a letter, post it and wait in absolute oblivion for the reply mail to arrive. We have seen many amazing things happening after the internet became popular and accessible to common people. One of the amazing things that came as a gift to the people who love socializing was the social media platforms.WebSmyle: The Nu-Age Platform For Socializing

WebSmyle: The Nu-Age Platform For SocializingSocial Media Platform have played a great role in recent years and could we have ever imagined that on the account of smartphone and social media, our lives would change so much. Nowadays, when we look around, people are always connected to each other through the internet and spending a word across the cities, states and even countries is not a big deal. With social media platforms, you can build your own world and you can invite and interact with others in that world. Whether you want to chat with them, or share files, every possibility seems viable.

What is WebSmyle?

WebSmyle is essentially a social media platform that is designed for people of all ages. Though one would require to be at least of a certain age to create a profile on WebSmyle, the features provided by the platform are distinct in all respect. If you want to chat online with friends, you will get a lot of platforms for that purpose but WebSmyle stands out due to other facilities. By opening a profile on WebSmyle you will get an array of features.

What are the features of WebSmyle?

WebSmyle performs just like any other social media website providing all the necessary features that you would search for. The regular services range from making friends to chatting with new people, sharing files, and everything in between. The special features include online mobile recharge, astrological prediction, etc.

Let us take a detailed look into the features

Wallet — This is a great feature that allows WebSmyle profile holders a slew of benefits. The wallet feature can be used to store e-money and the balance can be .used for a lot of different purposes. On top of that, WebSmyle gives each individual free credits upon opening new profiles.

Mobile Recharge — This is an amazing feature which proves to be really helpful when you are in urgent need to recharge your mobile. WebSmyle allows you to quickly recharge your phone without any hassle. You can utilize your wallet balance and recharge your mobile right away.

Quiz — This is a great option if you want to kill time and gather knowledge at the same time. The social media platform has an interactive quiz feature that allows users to spend time by engaging into quiz programmes.

Astrological Prediction — WebSmyle offers accurate astrological predictions for its users. The predictions are completely customized and verified by eminent astrologers. Learn how your coming days are going to be and act accordingly.

Conclusion —You can avail all these features by opening a profile in WebSmyle. Among all the other establishes social media platforms, WebSmyle has quite efficiently made a place for itself. Wait no more, sign up today for free and start enjoying the unmissable benefits of the website.

Top five reasons why having online friends is the best thing

Internet and social media platforms create an amazing combo that takes care of your virtual socialization. You sure want to grab this brilliant opportunity provided by the technological evolution and make some new friends online. In this connection, WebSmyle deserves a special mention. It has been creating a lot of buzz lately for its exciting service features. Apart from supporting Online friends chat, WebSmyle brings before you mobile recharge online payment of bill facilities. However, the lack of tangibility often makes one ponder if online friendships are worth it. Should this be your case, then read our blog to burst your confusion. The following section tells you why your online friends are so special.

Top five reasons why having online friends is the best thing
Top five reasons why having online friends is the best thing

1. You get to know people from diverse cultures – Social media sites allow you to forge connections with people from different backgrounds and different countries. Not only do these bonds expand your friends’ circle but also broaden your social outlook. You develop respect and compassion for each other. And guess what? Your online friends will enlighten you on amazing cuisines, enriching literature and various other exciting stuff that their respective cultures take pride in.

2. You can choose your friends– Well, your real life might not always allow you to pick and choose your friends. However, with the vast expense of social media on your gadget screen, you are empowered to select friends as per your liking. You can simply go through profiles available on social media channels and select people who you find interesting. With a simple hit on the button, your friendship request is sent to your prospective friend. Is it not super easy?

3. You always have a friend to talk to– Online friendships remain unbothered by time and location. It does not matter if you are traveling or running an errand, you can always stay connected with your online friends on WebSmyle. On top of that, another perk of having internet friends is that you can chat with your foreign friends even at odd hours. This is because different countries fall under differential time zones. Needless to say, online chat with friends never makes you feel alone.

4. You will never run out of discussion topics– Since you bond with your online friends over common interests, you are less likely to run out of discussion topics. Making new friends can really be a boon for you since you get the opportunity to know likes and dislikes of them. Furthermore, hots topics trending on the internet always provide you with materials for discussion and debate.

5. You become less self-conscious– For hanging out with your real life friends, you might have to get all decked up for a girls’ or boys’ day out. However, when it comes to your online friends, things are a lot simpler. You can sit in your bedroom wearing the most comfortable attire and still chat with internet friends. It makes you less self-conscious and your fear of being judged almost vanishes.

  • Conclusion- Real life friends are no doubt precious. However, there is no harm in giving online friendships a try. WebSmyle lets you Chat with new friends on their platform. Undoubtedly, internet friends are always there to have your back at any hour.

Top five tips to meet friends online

In today’s time, the internet has empowered people to expand their circle of friends through the use of online channels. It has brought the world on our palms. This technological facility has led to the development of a large number of social media sites. Have you been searching for a quality social networking site? Then, lay your hand on WebSmyleTop five tips to meet friends online and. By creating an account on this site, not only can you meet friends online but also avail its super convenient online bill payment service. It is, therefore, no more a hassle to connect with people from different states and diverse backgrounds. If you are clueless about how to make friends online, then this blog is just for you. The following section consists of some important tips that will guide you to meet and greet new friends on social media sites.

Top five tips to meet friends online
Top five tips to meet friends online

1. Begin with a profile creation- Without an account on major social networking sites, how can you expect to enlarge your social circle? Therefore, the first step is creating an account for yourself. Most sites require you to share basic information like name, birth date, and gender. This brings us to the WebSmyle. It has a super simple user portal that will encourage you to get yourself an account without any delay. This platform is compatible with both Android and iOS. It does not matter if you are using a tablet or desktop or a smartphone or a laptop, you can access WebSmyle through any gadget medium.

2. Choose as many platforms- There are a plethora of social networking sites available today. Therefore, creating accounts on multiple sites is the smart decision that you can take. It increases your chance to meet and chat online with a maximum number of friends. In this context, WebSmyle is worth mentioning due to its surging popularity among people from every age bracket. You will be excited to know that WebSmyle charges you nothing against your account creation on its platform.

3. Make your profile attractive- An attractive profile triggers a lot of interest and attention. Should you want people to notice your profile, make sure that your set a pleasant display picture. You can share interesting quotes and other pictures to reflect your vibrant character. Remember! Positivity and vibrancy are the two factors that make you seem approachable and friendly. On top of that, you can engage its high-speed online mobile recharge service.

4. Be a part of fan clubs- Social media sites are full of fan club pages these days. From famous athletes to popular singers or actors, there are a plenty of fan pages dedicated to these popular personalities. You can join those clubs to make friends who share the same passion as you. This common interest will help you develop a quick bond with online friends.

5. Be selective at times- Social networking sites allow you to connect and Chat with new friends online. However, the onus lies on you to select the right group friends. Not every individual on the social media platform is carrying well intentions. You can call this to be a sort of preventive tip which you must bear in mind while making online friends. This is why you should go through a person’s profile meticulously before sending him or accepting his friendship request.

Conclusion- This discussion has pointed out some tips that can help you make friends online. Although you might find a variety of social media sites, WebSmyle has a plenty of services in store for you. From online mobile recharge, to meet friends to astrological predictions, this platform offers unrivaled services.